What love is


Love is giving all your heart and soul. Love is to know that your partner is the happiest person in this world, with or without you. Love is peace, love is the rainbow after the rain, love is the light that casts our darkness. Love is a child playing, a woman crying, your grandmother cooking for you. Love is the hug of a mum, the love of a brother or sister. Love is your father working hard to give you a future. 

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Escuchame y Vive Feliz – By Mario Salas

escuchame y vive feliz mario salas

Escuchame y Vive Feliz – By Mario Salas FRC This is the first book that I want to review in this new section of the blog called Tuesday reading. As you can see from the title, the book is in Spanish but I hope that for many of you won’t be a limitation, Spanish is a beautiful language to learn and speak. I want to review it and talk about it because this book holds a particular place in my heart. This is the book that introduced me to the concept of spirituality and universal love. Mario Salas was a Rosicrucian (AMORC) member, and I do not hide my sympathy for their beliefs and view of life. 

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5 Meditation Tips for Beginners

meditation tips for beginners

Meditation is not very hard, like everything else it just requires time and practice. When I started meditating I remember that most of the times I was just staying with my eyes closed and I was thinking about all sort of things. It took me months to really get into what meditation is and how to properly do it. Based on my experience I’d like to share these 5 simple and quick tips to help you to get started with meditation.

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Beginner guided meditation (with video)

beginner guided meditation

I just released on youtube a beginner guided meditation. I asked someone to register it as my voice is terrible and it would be very distracting (and upsetting) for you to hear 🙂 Anyway, this meditation is a good start. The video is quite long, about 45 minutes, but I preferred this way so you can go back to it anytime you want. I am also adding the audio to this post so you can listen to it anytime. Both video and audio are absolutely free. You can do with them whatever you want, you can redistribute it, give it to someone or publish them on your blog. No credits required. This guided meditation is for beginners and comes with […]

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How to master negative emotions

how to master negative emotions

Master negative emotions is very hard. As human beings, we feel emotions. The problem is not when they are nice, joyful but when they are negative. Maybe is because of our partner or ex, maybe is because something goes wrong at work, maybe your boss or coworker. Whatever it is negative emotions are very hard to master.  Personally mastering negative emotions for me has always been so hard. I used to get angry, nervous and react to it with anger.

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Never give up

never give up

In our life, we all go through these moments when we feel we cannot make it. We have no strength, we feel overwhelmed by life by our problems. We keep asking ourselves why this is happening to me, we feel hate, resentment, fear. At least once in our life, we go through this stage. Depression is the disease of the century, is different from other physical diseases because it comes from inside us. Depression is the death of the soul. I have been there and I keep dealing with it every day, but every day when I wake up I repeat myself the same mantra: Never Give Up.

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Law Of Attraction. What it is and how it works

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a controversial topic. It became mainstream around 2006 when the book and the movie “The secret” from Rhonda Byrne came out. It was like a hurricane, the book became a bestseller and thousands of people became obsessed with the law or attraction. But to really understand and believe in the law of attraction is not easy.

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Cosmic meditation: what it is and how it works

cosmic meditations

What is cosmic meditation? Cosmic meditation is a type of meditation that encourages the spiritual awakening and that helps to release stress, to heal the feeling of isolation and to fight depression state. When we feel sick, or depressed, lonely, we have a broken heart, our mind creates neural patterns, the brain then releases chemical reaction based on these neural patterns. This chemical reaction affects not only the mind and the brain but also our body. Thus both mind and body become sick.

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